Bowl of cawl

Oww what a lovely warm taste and feeling I had, as I devoured my first bowl of home made cawl this autumn/winter. Bizarrely I used to hate the stuff as a kid, but somehow miraculously Mrs DDWT converted me back some 5 or so years ago – and I haven’t stopped making the stuff since!

Not that I’d eat cawl all year round of course, but come the cold winter snap you simply can’t beat it – as I’m sure any Welsh person would agree. Try it with beef or lamb, either way it’s simply sublime.

I gave my trainers a workout lunchtime today – especially now I’ve signed up for the Reindeer 10k. My 24 minutes 54 seconds stint was somewhat weird as on the way out I was faced with a biting north-easterly wind (a la yesterday) and on the way back it was shirt off time and running vest weather. Probably because I’d worked up a sweat and was like a beetroot by then!