Yeovil Town v Swansea

At last the Huish Park bogey has been laid to rest and I was there! The Swans had failed to score or even get a point on our previous visits to Yeovil, but today the 1,400 odd travelling Jack Army saw that duck broken with a 2-1 win.

Once again I was part of the much travelled Dieters Bar Jacks contingent as we headed off to Yeovil at around 8:30 am. The initial mood in our affectionately named ‘bang bus’ was as subdued as the misty and drizzly conditions that greeted us all this morning. In no time at all we reached our first pit-stop (or p*ss stop in Helmut’s case) at Sedgemoor Services (southbound). After a very brief stay – long enough for me to stain Lance’s bang bus with blackcurrant juice and Helmut to grab hold of Sven Jacketts nuts (as in magazine) – we were on our way again and duly arrived in Yeovil at around 10:45.

Contrary to popular belief we hadn’t turned up early looking for some Yeovil Yoof to go dancing with – it was purely for the sake of going shopping (which I hadn’t instigated for once). We were looking for the well reknowed triathlon shop Tri-UK and after some 45 minutes or so of cruising around Yeovil town centre we got there. Now anyone who’s been to Yeovil will know that it takes like 3 minutes to go around the town centre (by tractor) in traffic. Anyway, we found the shop and the lads bought some cycling and swimming gear. After seeking the advice of the main man in the shop on where was best to eat – we headed off in search of the Half Moon in Mudford.

Westons traditional scrumpy was the order of the day (all 6% of it) and within 3 pints I was deep in ciderspace.

More to follow…