The 1912 Foundation

I’ve just returned from the liberty stadium – home of Swansea City and the Ospreys for those that don’t know – where I attended the launch of a new members only club called the ‘1912 Foundation‘.

The evening was a very glam affair with little expense spared by the looks of things. There were also plenty of trolley dolleys, a live band and the usual bar to keep the vast majority of the 500 or so season ticket holders.

In essence the ‘1912 Foundation’ is a members only club whose primary aim is to raise valuable income to support the development of the Swans youth, training ground facilities and young players. The cost of membership is a miserly £2.25 per weeks – with numerous benefits for those who signed up.

Now on the surface that seems like a sound idea, but I was perhaps a little disturbed that the actual detail of what the estimated £1.5 million (over 5 years) fund would actually deliver in terms of a youth academy. There was no vision of the future in the presentation we were given or much mention of detail – execpt to say that we wanted to have an academy that could be up there with the Liverpool’s and Man U’s of this world.

So call me tight, but I’m not easily parted with my money unless I feel that there is something tangeable at the end of it. Sadly, tonight was one such occasion and my wallet stayed firmly in my pocket – trolley dolleys or not.