Christmas shopping with Amazon

Yes indeed, I have now officially started Christmas shopping. With only 50 odd shopping days left I thought I’d make a start and lighten the load for the local postman. If you think I’m nuts starting this early, you should speak to the numerous people that I know who’ve already finished their shopping. How mad is that?!!?

As is the case with an increasing number of people these days, I fully intend to utilise the internet for the vast majority – and by that I mean over 95% – of my research and consequent shopping. Why you might ask.

Well whilst some people thrive on the last minute hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, I hate it. I’d rather be an amused observer watching everyone else fretting, safe in the knowledge that I’d done my shopping weeks before.

Mainly online I hasten to add and predominantly cheaper that in your high street shops. You only have to see some of the voucher codes I often place on this blog to see the advantages of online shopping, especially in terms of cost saving.

Enough of me preaching to you though, I’m off to to start bashing the credit card (well after using up the £100+ in vouchers I have of course). Those of you with websites might want to read this blog post I wrote to see how you can also enjoy receiving amazon vouchers on a monthly basis.