Tree party

Well what an eventful Saturday the house of DDWT has had. So much so that we’re all now completely zonked and stretched out on the settee, apart from DDWT Junior who’s fast asleep in bed! I don’t suppose the 5am wake up call from his nibs helped, but hey what the heck we’ve had a fun day.

Being up so early meant that I could go for a nice early morning run, which is unusual for me especially on the weekend. Anyway the run lasted 33 minutes exactly and the route along the Swansea valley canal meant a nice change from Swansea bay and SA1. The only downside really was that I somehow managed to jar my knee – which has only really become apparent as the day has wore on and I’ve started to limp. NOT good news.

After breakfast it was time to hit the road and head off to botanical gardens in Singleton Park for a ‘Tree Party‘ – organised by the BBC as part of National Tree Planting week. It was quite a good event with a variety of demonstrations throughout the day. There was also a variety of owls on display (such as the one pictured below) and a numerous squirrels darting here and there.
The squirrels were the tamest I’ve ever seen to be quite honest as they would quite readily come and accept food off you, standing only inches away – a rare but pleasant site indeed, but much to DDWT Junior’s joy. I took a few other snaps whilst we were there as well and for anyone who’s been to Singleton Park, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say what a great park it is.
After the park it was time to hit the beach opposite St. Helen’s rugby ground and spend some time chucking pebbles in the small pools of water left behind after the tide had gone out – wayyyyy out I hasten to add. Can you see Mumbles head in the distance from the shot below?

Having walked quite a bit by now we were all feeling somewhat ravenous to say the least so I decided to take Mrs DDWT and Junior to the Village hotel for lunch, having enjoyed my last two visits there myself. Everyone (thankfully) enjoyed the change of venue and food (steak and kidney pie with chips and sausage & mash in onion gravy). So with our batteries now recharged and our tums full we headed off back into Swansea to do some Christmas window shopping.

I also took the opportunity to ‘clock’ the giant ferris wheel being built in readiness for next week’s launch of Swansea’s Waterfront Winterland.

By 5pm we were all out of gas and ready to come home – tired but happy and having enjoyed a nice day out and about. What better way to round the day off as well, with a nice warm bowl of home made cawl when we got home.