Santa Claus the video

It’s been a fun and bizarre kind of day today. The reason for this is because I was involved in making a Father Christmas promotional video this morning – dressed as the man himself!

Not the sort of thing your average web developer does really, but what the heck it was fun and we all had a good laugh making the video. I’m not going to give much more away than that as this moment in time, except to say that it should be hitting YouTube sometime soon.

I decided to go for a bike ride lunchtime, nothing too strenous but enough to gauge how my knee would react to some exercise. I did 9.7 miles in about 40 minutes , averaging 14.5 mph in the process. I’m glad to report that apart from some initial throbbing, it seems to have reacted ok so far, but I’ll take stock tomorrow before making a decision on whether or not to train for a 2nd consecutive day.