Chilling out

With it being a typical winter’s day outside, the house of DDWT decided it was going to be a PJ day (which means lounging around all day in pyjamas and doing nowt!). Not very energetic or interesting I know, but relaxing nevertheless.

So apart from Mrs DDWT venturing out to Pizza Hut to get some 2 stuffed crust pizza’s we’ve basically spent the day mucking around on the laptop and PS2, building lego animals, setting up DDWT Junior’s Thomas the Tank engine track (again) and watching Wales v South Africa (but wish we hadn’t).

Talking of the laptop, if you’re looking for some free online games to play with your kids (ranging from platform games to colouring games) then take a look at the Kaboose site which I found today – which featured loads of games, including dinosaur ones (DDWT Junior’s favourite!).

After this we’ll probably sit down and watch some more TV in the form of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and other nonsense no doubt. It’s the ideal preparation I reckon for the Swansea Santa job tomorrow – especially as I still have a dodgy knee 🙁