Throat and ear infection

For the 2nd time in as many weeks DDWT Junior had to miss his appointment for his MMR jabs due to having a throat and ear infection. It also meant he wasn’t in school – along with a lot of other children from what we understand, who are all suffering from one ailment or another (predominately colds). Hopefully the antibiotics that have been prescribed will do the trick and he can get around to having the jabs sometime soon.

Hot of the heels of yesterday’s Santa jog, I took to the road on my mountain bike today and headed off down to Bracelet Bay and Swansea Marina for a 13.08 mile spin. The ride lasted 52 minutes 9 seconds at an average of 15 mph and a top speed of 22mph. The conditions were ok on the whole apart from the patchy drizzly rain – although the biggest difficulty (obstacle?) I encountered was that of pedestrains. Why do they always seem to veer towards the direction and line you are taking – even when walking towards you in some cases! It’s been a while since the last ‘issue’ with people walking, but today could have seen at least 2 nasty collisions due to people being unaware of what is going around them.

With Christmas shopping in full flow for most people it seems, I was rather bemused to see a large billboard poster on one of the side streets off Pentrechwyth Road in St. Thomas (Swansea) featuring a huge advert for the St. Davids shopping centre….. in Cardiff! I understand why it’s there – an attempt to draw shoppers away from Swansea no doubt – but I’m surprised that the various retail business groups in Swansea aren’t up in arms about it. Maybe they haven’t seen it yet? Perhaps I’ll tip the South Wales Evening Post off about it 🙂