12 week scan

Plenty of excitement and nervous energy in the house of DDWT today, as Mrs DDWT went for her first baby scan at Morriston hospital. Even though this is our 2nd baby, it is still an amazing experience seeing our wonderful little creation moving its tiny arms and legs about – almost as if in protest against the momentary intrusion.

We were amazed how clear the scan actually was, especially when we recalled how DDWT Junior was during his first scan. It’s such a shame really that now they only produce photographic scans to buy for the 20 week scan – as it would have been a real treat to see today’s scan in print.

Most importantly however, everything seemed in order and we feel happy that we’ve been able ‘see’ our wonderful creation for the first time. It’s a relief to actually now have something almost tangeable – if you see what I mean.

It’s also perhaps somewhat iconic that the baby’s scheduled due date is June 10th 2008 – our wedding anniversary!!