Live on Sky

Seeing my beloved Swansea City live on Sky tv tonight was meant to be a treat, but it turned out to be a rather frustrating affair. That shouldn’t really be much of a surprise to me given the repeated use of the word ‘frustrating’ in recent posts I’ve made about the Swans games.

What made the 1-1 draw with Horsham all the more annoying, wasn’t the fact that Horsham scored, but the number of chances the Swans created (20+) but didn’t take. As a result we now have an extra game we could well do without in December. But I suppose having said that, at least we are in the draw for the FA Cup 3rd round on Sunday – when the big guns come into it. So a plum tie against Premiership opposition would go a long way to making the Horsham replay a more interesting and meaningful affair.