Christmas decorations

With DDWT Junior ramping up the number of Christmas related questions over the last few days, the Mrs and I decided to break from tradition and put up the Christmas decorations sooner rather than later – in an attempt to stem the flow of queries.

It seemed to work for a time, well until the next stage of curiosity kicked in that is. We didn’t mind one bit though really, it was such a treat to see his little face light up as the tree went up branch by branch, bauble by bauble – the excitement levels reached fever pitch when it came time to switch the lights on.

DDWT Junior will be 4 in January and seeing the joy in his face as he helped deck the tree with the trimmings, really brought home to us both what a wonderful time Christmas is. We’ve both always been ‘big kids’ ourselves when it comes to Christmas, but this just adds an extra special dimension to it all.

Talking of excitement, I wish I could have said I was excited about today’s FA Cup draw – which pitches the winners of the Swans v Horsham replay against…. Havant & Waterlooville. Wow I thought, so much for a Premiership or top Championship side. Oh well, at least we’re at home and for H&W the draw is something special for them and maintains the magic of the FA cup. That is assuming of course we dispatch Horsham on December 11th first, but lets not make assumptions as football is indeed a funny old game.