Office Christmas tree

After not doing anything much in the way of exercise last week, I thought I’d best start this week off on a more positive and energentic standing. So come lunchtime, I mounted my bike and headed off on my own little ‘Gowerton loop’ of 14.05 miles. The first thing that struck me – no it wasn’t a pedestrian – was the force of the wind, which thankfully was behind me on the way back! My journey took me 56 minutes 58 seconds in total, at an average of 14.7 mph and a 21.5 mph top speed.

Hot on the heels of putting up the Christmas deccies at home, I managed to convince my colleagues in work that it was about time we put the office decorations (well tree anyhow) up – in an attempt to raise spirits (Monday’s are never good in our place!).

As you can see from the picture above I succeeded in getting my way. Although it has to be said it’s one of the lamest office Christmas trees I’ve ever seen!

With the clock ticking towards Christmas day – it’ll be here quicker than you think – we decided to start packing some of the pressies tonight. It’ll save us some time nearer the big day and also make our Christmas tree look all the more ‘real’. The biggest problem we face of course is deterring DDWT Junior from wanting to open the presents on the QT when our backs are turned!