Swansea v Northampton Town

A thoroughly deserved 3 nil win for the Swans tonight as they outclassed a poor Cobblers side to consolidate their position at the top of league one. In theory they could and arguably should have scored more – even accounting for the 2 goals that were disallowed!

For me it’s the best I’ve seen the Swans play at home since the FEC Forest game earlier in the season and it was great entertainment. In fact, the Swans passing game was extracting the urine at times and the Northampton players were literally chasing shadows – such was the level of frustration their keeper and fullback almost came to blows in the latter stages of the 2nd half.

It’s hard to pick out anyone individually as they were all outstanding really, but Dennis Lawrence is worth am mention purely for the amount of stick he’s been getting of late – no such flak tonight though 🙂

I was surprised Tatey was captain tonight though and he still doesn’t make me feel 100% comfortable, due to his apparent laid back approach to the game – or rather the way he plays the game. It’ll be interesting to see how Martinez deals with his impending out of contract situation though and my remarks to the other Dieters Bar Jacks last night was that I felt it would be au revoir. Only time will tell though.

So, we’re still top of the league and I’m lovin’ it!