An early start

It’s been a bit of a struggle today mainly due to a 4:30am wakeup call from DDWT Junior this morning. As you can imagine my concentration levels – and patience for that matter – have suffered all day. So perhaps unsurprisingly it’s not been the most productive day at work I’ve had.

Mind you perhaps me trying to get my head around getting Windows 2003 servers to talk to Nagios and Windows application thread pools, it’s little wonder that I didn’t achieve anything really is it – as those familiar with such things will know that they’re not exactly the easiest of things to resolve.

I was glad that it was a training ‘rest’ day today, as otherwise I think I would have really struggled to get any sort of decent workout in – especially giving the squally showers and strong winds.

On a more positive note, the contractors have finally finished tarmacing our pavement and road – so now the final half mile of my journey to/from work won’t feel like going over the rocky mountains! Even better perhaps is that now the road (and street furniture) can be adopted by Swansea city council.