Pretty shitty City?

I don’t know about where you are, but if the weather is anything like it is here in Swansea at the moment then it’s pretty shitty – i.e. bucketing down with rain and blowing a gale. No doubt the pretty shitty statement will bring back a wry smile for anyone who’s watched ‘Twin Town‘ – the Welsh equivalent of ‘Trainspotting‘ (the movie I mean!).

Rumour has it mind you, that it always rains here in Swansea, but don’t they say that about everywhere. I mean Manchester’s renowned for being cold, wet and windy isn’t it?

The weather does fit in nicely with my general mood today though as I’ve got a nasty bought of tummy trouble which has seemingly come from nowhere – and I wish it would bugger off back to whence it came! It’s not the sort of preparation I wanted (or expected) for the first of my Christmas parties tomorrow night either. How bah humbug is that!