First Nativity play

It was with great disappointment that I had to miss DDWT Junior’s very first school nativity play today – due to it clashing with an immovable meeting in work. If that wasn’t bad enough, my misery was compounded by the fact that there was a poor turnout for the meeting anyway. I was tinged with both sadness and anger as you can imagine.

Fortunately, Mrs DDWT was able to film the play – which obviously wasn’t as good as being there, but came a close second. It was great to see his beaming little face in the class of children and him kitted out in his shepard’s outfit (i.e. dressing gown with tea towel!) whilst singing lots of songs. We did have a chuckle though at the bemused faces of all the kids though at the very start of the play. Bless them, it must have been quite a site all of these adults looking at them with big grinning faces.

I know one thing though, I won’t be missing next year’s play – meeting or no bloody meeting!