Going back to work after a weekend off is usually a rather mundane and somewhat depressing affair, this wasn’t the case today however.

With THE party having passed everyone by on Friday, it was storytime today with everything catching up on the gossip from what is always an eventful afternoon/evening. It also made me realise that I more than lived up to my nickname of ‘snakehips’, as apparently I was shakin’ my ass to most of the discs being spun 🙂

Mind you that’s quite tame to some of the reports of heard of other peoples antics *blush*

It was nice to take DDWT Junior to school again – as per Friday – and even more of a delight to see all of the things he’s made this term. From tree decorations to candles, chocolate to cards, each one was fantastic and a treat to see. It made us proud to be his Mam and Dad and it was a real treat to see his little face light up with excitement when showing us his work. It’s hard to believe that he’ll be 4 in January – where have the past 3 years gone?

Rather than do a training session at lunchtime today, I opted to ride my bike back home in readiness for the impending Christmas break. I swear the 9.21 mile ride was one of the coldest I’ve had this year as the bracing northerly wind made the temperature indeed feel like the -7 wind chill forecast. My journey took me 45 minutes and 28 seconds with a top speed of 19.6 mph.

I think I’ve only just thawed out!