Trolley dash

Phew, what a manic day it’s been from start to finish and some start to my holiday period!

Our pre-planned early Christmas food shop at Asda didn’t materialise until noon – which in retrospect was a bad move. I think I’ve finally witnessed the spectacle that is ‘trolley rage’. I’ve never quite seen anything like it, although I perhaps shouldn’t be too surprised, as after all us Brits (well some of us) have a siege mentality when it comes to any major bank holiday. We managed to keep our calm – unlike some people – but with DDWT Junior is tow is was tested somewhat believe me! Talk about the trolley going one way and us the other.

After lunch, it was time for me to head off up to Morriston hospital to pick up my Dad – fresh from a double hernia operation. In his true unique style who tried to milk the sympathy for as much as it was worth (he’s teribble like that) but my Mam and I were having none of it. Having had several major operations between us, my Dad’s moans and groans about needles, etc were somewhat hard to sympathise with. A hard nose approach to take I know, but you really don’t know my Dad.

Early evening saw the house of DDWT head off to the Waterfront Winterland in Swansea for some fun and relief after the hectic day we’d had so far.

As you can imagine DDWT Junior was majorly excited by the bright lights and numerous rides available. A couple of points worth mentioning which almost immediately came to our attention – ALL of the rides operate a token system (starting from 3 tokens per ride minimum). Each token costs you 50p and can be bought from the numerous token booths dotted around. In essence, what this really means is that each ride in effect costs £1.50 – except the Giant Wheel which is basically £3 for adults and kids (depending on their height!). The other thing worth noting is that pretty much all of the ride operators are Polish!

Anyway, after DDWT Junior sampling Claudia the yellow bus and hot air balloon rides, we were amazed to hear that he wanted to go on the Giant Wheel! With Mrs DDWT being pregnant and scared stiff of heights, I had the pleasure of going on the ride as well. The ride in fairness was worth every penny and the views (despite it being around 17:30 and pitch dark) were quite amazing – especially with the City, Marina and surrounding areas lit up. What was even better was that you could turn each ‘cage’ around using the inner steering wheel – thus allowing you to choose you view. Anyway, both of us loved it and I must confess a visit in broad daylight is on the cards 🙂

Next it was the turn of the caterpillar rollercoaster and although DDWT Junior was under the required height, he was allowed on provided someone accompanied him. We were even more surprised as he loved this ride more than any of the others and even managed the odd ‘whoop’ and ‘woooahhh’ – complete with arms in the air!! One is for sure, he’s far more daring that either I or the Mrs were at his age.

With our token money almost spent and the temperature dropping rapidly, our port of call was Santa’s grotto. Unfortunately, despite his obvious excitement about seeing the main man whilst we were in the queue, when we actually got inside the grotto it was a major case of the tears I’m afraid and a dash for the exit door.

It was a disappointing end to the evening, but reminded the Mrs and I of when we did exactly the same when we were little ones. By now it was time to trundle off home as we were all beginning to flag. I did however stop briefly to take a few motion blur snaps – such as the one below.