Fresh vegetables

I’ve just returned from Asda’s in Morriston, having stocked up on fresh vegetables for Christmas day – and I can only describe it as a bizarre and crazy hour or so!

Given the siege mentality that appears to grip the nation on Christmas Eve – especially in respect of carrots, swedes, bread, milk, etc, I’d decided a dew days back that I’d hit the local 24 hour stores in the wee hours rather than early morning. As it was a Sunday, the stores were in the bizarre position of closing at 4pm and then re-opening at a minute past midnight.

So I duly arrived (safely) at Asda’s about 10 minutes past midnight, having encountered several boy racers/drunken drivers along the way and by that I mean the type who overtake you near a bend and around the road bollards.

I was shocked. Not only was it really busy, but they hadn’t re-stocked the bloody shelves! What’s the point in opening “early” if most of the fresh produce isn’t due “until the middle of the night” – as one of the shop assistants told me.

Anyway, there was just about enough fresh veg left for me to get what I needed, but I wasn’t impressed. Next year I think I’ll wait until the morning rush as I doubt it’ll be that much busier and the choice will be better.

I suppose the only positive was that I bumped into Swansea City’s very own Mr Versatile – Alan Tate – whilst in the store and stopped to have a chat with him, or rather he was complaining to me that his mrs had written the list and he didn’t know where everything was! Still it was nice to chat to him and it was refreshing to see how down to earth he was. Nice one beaker!