Even more toys

This might sound crazy but we actually spent this morning in Toys’r’us in Swansea. Daft I know with Chirstmas day having only just passed us by, but there was a darn good reason for us being there.

Some friends of ours – the Smith family – had kindly given DDWT Junior a £30 voucher for the said store, so with the sales now in full swing we thought now was the best time to part with it! After DDWT Junior had used the Argos catalogue to research his ‘wants’ (he obviously takes after me LOL) it was time to hit the road.

Thankfully the torrential rain must have deterred most people – who weren’t in work – from venturing out, as the roads were rather quiet (thankfully). We did wonder however, why we didn’t choose the sensible option and stay in the warmth and dry haven of our home.

Anyway, after braving the elements and being in the store for in excess of an hour, as well as having survived several tantrums – we left Toys’R’Us laden with toys (much to DDWT Junior’s excitement). So we’ve spent the rest of our day having some great fun playing the MB games trio of Hungry Hippos, Buckaroo, Elefun and Hotwheels Raptor.

It really has been super fun and I’ve enjoyed spending the quality time with the family (even if it’s only playing games) as that’s what I miss when I’m at work – so I’m savouring every minute of these holidays as you can imagine.