Birthday parties

A double celebration was the order of the day today with both my Dad and Niece celebrating their birthdays – 76 and 14 respectively. This obviously meant a party much to everyone’s pleasure 🙂

As is the norm at most parties, we over-indulged (on the food I hasten to add) but had a good laugh. DDWT Junior in particular had a great time, even lending a hand in opening the presents that were being given out! Still at his age (2 weeks short of being four) I suppose it’s only natural for him to think that presents grow on trees LOL.

It was also nice to spend time together with my side of the family, just as we had done with Mrs DDWT’s family earlier this week. We even managed to watch two movies – Hoodwinked and Shrek the Third, both of which were really funny and added to the party mood.

Earlier in the day DDWT Junior and I had spent several hours outside in the garden, generally mucking around on the various outside toys and spraying each other with water pistols. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much (or got as wet) for quite some time!

As a result, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that come tomorrow – we’re all going to be completely zonked and devoid of any inclination to do anything other than loaf around in our PJ’s. What the heck though, that’s what holidays are for aren’t they.