After having a rather late night last night at the birthday celebrations – i.e. waaaay past 1am, we were all pretty much out for the count this morning.

The only thing was that Mrs DDWT was due in Morriston hospital before 11 for some routine blood tests. Conseqeuntly, she ended up going on her own whilst I stayed at home with DDWT Junior – whom was fast asleep when she left!! Anyway, it all went well and we settled down for brunch around noon.

Just for the record, Mrs DDWT weighed today – as part of her ante-natal appointment – and with her now at 16 weeks she’s 11st 11lbs. I’m not too hot with regards to pregnancy stats, so read into that what you will 🙂

We’ve had a lazy day really – as anticipated – and hadn’t planned anything in the way of a New Years celebration anyway. In fact the only thing we had planned was some fireworks – yay!

Our local Lidl store in Pontardawe, ALWAYS seem to have a decent fireworks deal going on around the major UK holidays and this year was no exception. So we decided a few days back to get some fireworks in – some for New Years Eve and some for DDWT Junior’s birthday. For £30, we had two large 26 shot selection boxs (‘Black Nebular’ I think they were called), which included a wide variety of fireworks – including rockets.

In fairness they really were the business, especially for £15 and I don’t know who enjoyed them the most us or the neighbours peering out of their windows!

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