Canon Pixma MP600

Back in early December I’d bought a brand spanking new Canon Pixma MP600 multifunction colour printer, as our old Brother laserjet printer was on its last legs. At the time it was a bargain at £94 from Argos and I was chuffed to bits – especially after reading such a positive review of it in PC Pro magazine.

So here I find myself a few weeks on with a constant ‘U150 – The following ink tank cannot be recognized’ errors, meaning I can’t use the darn printer and as a result have an outstanding support call to Canon to “sort it out”.

My frustation – anger? – is compounded by the fact that a quick search on Google reveals numerous other people having the same problems, which to me indicates a design fault with the MP600 (and the ink tray in particular). Don’t these companies test their products stringently enough before releasing them for general sale?

Huh, some start to the new year eh!?

3 thoughts on “Canon Pixma MP600”

  1. I to have had a problem with error messages. I purchased an MP610 as I thought I needed to upgrade to a better quality Canon Printer with all the features I need. My old Canon printer worked fine I just thought I new one would be better. It has the added feature of disk printing that my other one didn’t. When I first started using it the printer came up with the error U150 on my blue ink. It is a new ink and a new printer so why is this happening. I have tried taking it out and in and turning off the printer but it only works sometimes. I have tried to find a resolution and the only one I can fine is to buy another ink. The ink tank is still full so I don’t get it. You pay good money for a new printer and what do you get – TROUBLE!!!

  2. I have a Canon 610 and have experienced the same problem. I have an old MP130 and that works fine. I decided to upgrade and to my frustration the error started appearing. Does anyone know how to fix it. This is a new printer with new ink.

  3. I have the same problem with my MP600. Apparently Canon has gotten so greedy that they inscribe a code on the carts so they expire a certain date after first being installed, even if they are still full and perfectly good. What’s more, the printer won’t scan, or print in BW when this occurs. Outrageous corporate greed. Spread the word. Canon is scum. Boycott them.

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