Time to take them down

Yes indeed, with the festive season now well and truly over it was time to take down the Christmas deccies and pack them away in the loft for another 12 months. The task didn’t go off without some rumblings of discontent from DDWT Junior however, his mutterings only being calmed by the promise of baloons et al for his 4th birthday next week.

In fact the whole day has been a rather busy affair. We’ve had umpteen deliveries – Next sale, M&S sale, Toys’R’Us sale, etc and my dad having to go back to hospital due to some post-operation problems (which thankfully turned out to be ok). Mrs DDWT got a few bits and bobs for DDWT Junior’s birthday – whilst I built aeroplanes, buses, robots and such like out of lego (in between watching Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo and Go Diego Go). I also somehow managed to find the time to repair a broken toilet seat, don’t ask.

Our movie watching ritual has continued into the new year, with us watching ‘The Sentinel‘ last night. Quite a decent movie really, but how corny is it that Michael Douglas should be having an affair with Kim Basinger eh?!?! Must have been something to do with his self-confessed addiction to sex – and here was me thinking that’s normal behaviour 😉

It’s the turn of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ tonight …..