Swansea v Havant & Waterlooville

The FA Cup 3rd round came to the liberty stadium today – but it was more akin to a library if the truth be known – with the Swans entertaining the Hawks in the tradition of David v Goliath fa cup ties.

The whole event, if you could call it that, was in stark contrast to the last game at the liberty and certainly paid testament to that old adage that “football’s a funny old game”.

The Swans performance wasn’t up to the standard or tempo of the recent home games – not through a lack of motivation – but due to a change in personnel (in my opinion). Despite missing several 1st team regulars, the Swans created a glut of chances and were once again guilty of missing them – including hitting the bar 3 times.

In fact from what I’ve seen read, this has been the case with all of this season’s FA cup game – lots of chances, but a lack of finishing being the problem (the home game against Horsham being the exception).

As for the Hawks, well they posed little threat in all honesty with only Alfie Potter and Rocky Baptiste standing out. Fair play to their 300 odd fans though, they seemed to enjoy their day and sang pretty much throughout the game – without really having much to cheer until the goal.

I’ll summarise with a few points and food for thought – as there is little really to write about the actual game:

  • Send Amankwaah out on loan with a view to letting him go, he’s not up to the task and hasn’t been since he joined.
  • Robbo – grow up and ignore the cheap shots dished out by non-league footballers. Who’s the professional?
  • Butler – do you know how to try and pass a man on the outside? The shuffle and coming inside is now getting a wee bit predictable.
  • Kev Austin is no central defender – please keep him at left back.
  • Tatey is becoming a liability. Discipline? What’s that.
  • Darryl Duffy needs some match time as he’s lacking sooooo much confidence.
  • Little Leon – my MOM today, ran his heart out.
  • The Hawks, please try and play football at the replay not waste time… constantly. Oh and leave the clogs behind next time – it’s football we’re playing not kicking lumps out of each other.
  • Justin Gregory (Hawks No. 2) – I can see why you don’t play professional football son. Cheap shots behind the ref’s back or off the ball don’t go unnoticed. Marcos Painter’s got your number btw.
  • Gouging isn’t part of football – is it? Swansea are the one’s in white btw and that’s Daryl Duffy almost losing his eye!

  • Stuart Atwell – go back to whatever you did before, as you don’t have a clue how to referee a football game. That’s two games you f*cked up down the liberty this season with sendings off now.

Well I think that’s about it from me really. As I said, it’s just my personal take on what I wished I hadn’t seen today, but hey that’s what following your team is about isn’t it. You take the rough with the smooth. I’ll always be Swansea ’til I die.