Road to/from hell?

Today is my first day back in work after my 2 week festive holiday and unsurprisingly I’ve been faced with a deluge of email and voicemail. Typically this usually means I can kiss goodbye to the best part of the day as I trawl through what I’ve been sent. This process usually reveals that 70% of the stuff is crap and I can either simply delete or ignore it. It begs the question I guess of how did we manage before the advent of email, etc. Ah yes I remember, a mound of scribbled notes on my desk 😉

And what with no lunchtime training to look forward to for a few weeks, the days ahead are going to feel rather long and increasingly frustrating no doubt. Just what you need before a nice slow commute home via Oystermouth Road – which just happens to be at the centre of 13 weeks of roadworks commencing today I hasten to add! Now, where did I leave my bike…

I’m currently wasting the bandwidth (LOL) of work’s internet connection listening to Radio 5 Live in readiness for the FA Cup 4th round draw. Hopefully the Swans will get a decent draw and then go on and paste the cloggers from Havant & Waterlooville in their 3rd round replay on January 16th. Let’s hope that Stuart Atwell isn’t reffing that game shall we!