Back in school

I’m glad to report that DDWT Junior’s first day back in school went without a hitch – thankfully! He even managed to be the first one there which was a surprise.

Perhaps what was more surprising however was that at least six new classmates joined today – taking the number in attendance up to around 20. A number – in my opinion – which is quite small even if the class is only a nursery one. Not that I’m complaining of course 🙂

It’s quite weird actually that as first time parents we often think is it only us who has a child that perhaps (delete as appropriate)…. doesn’t sleep through, won’t eat fruit, doesn’t like vegetables, has tantrums, etc, etc.

Then, as I have today, you strike up a conversation with work colleagues about said topic and guess what – yes indeed, they have exactly the same problems as us. Will we ever remember that when we’re faced with the same dilemma next time? I doubt it. Human nature eh.