Shunting cars

I don’t if it’s me but there seems to have been one hell of a lot of road traffic accidents in the Swansea area over the last couple of weeks.

This week alone I’ve seen (well driven past) at least 5 accidents, all of which appeared to be shunts. All of this has been whilst driving approximately 12 miles a day (roundtrip) to work and back. That’s a lot of RTA’s for such a short distance.

Perhaps the poor visibility and saturdated road surfaces haven’t helped matters or maybe that’s just a coincidence. There’s no doubting that drivers appear to be driving faster and in some cases tailgating more than ever before. A reflection of the ever increasing pressure on people to be at destinatation A before X time perhaps? Let’s face it, life today is a hell of a lot quicker than it used to be. That’s no excuse mind you for being aware of what’s going on around you – especially whilst behind the wheel.

Talking of saturation, it’s quite astonishing to think how much rain we’ve already had this month and with some the forecast being for up to 4″ of rain over the next couple of days, it’s little wonder that Janaury 2008 is heading for the wettest January since records began in 1914.