For the first time in my life I actually did a spot of wallpapering today. Well when I say wallpapering what I mean is I put up DDWT Junior’s dinosaur border up in his new bedroom – using the good old fashioned wallpaper paste.

I now understand and fully realise why I’ve never wallpapered before and why I never intend to do so again! What a fiddly, messy palava it is. Novice or not I reckon it’ll always be the same, little wonder then that I’ve always been an emulsion man 🙂

The other major downside of course is getting the old darn wallpaper off. You should have seen me struggle, even with a steam stripper. Still it’s been an experience and one which I won’t be repeating ever again I suspect!

As today was officially the last day of my enforced absence from training – due to my knee ligament injury – it seemed a sensible time to weigh myself, ths laying down a benchmark for future progress. It wasn’t a pleasant experience – 17st 5lbs. You can tell I’ve not done ANY cardiovascular training since December 19th.

Despite my frustration at only being able to do some upper body weight training, the rest has certainly appeared to help my knee ligaments, with the original pain and discomfort having now disappeared.

So it’s onwards and upwards starting tomorrow with a commute into work on my trusty old mountain bike. Fingers crossed for a safe return to fitness with no reaction in my knee.