Bad habit

Yes indeed. I’ve got into that awful habit of making draft posts in blogger – with the intention of completing the post later – but somehow never find the time to go back and finish them off.

So if you’re wondering why this blog has got more holes than a moth ridden blanket then you’ll now understand why. One day I’ll get around to putting some context onto the key points I’ve made in each draft post and I’ll publish them – by which time it’ll be totally irrelevant of course.

I decided to try my luck on the bike again today – the 2nd time this week woooo hoooo – as I slowly build myself up to get back into the ‘groove’ of my training. I headed off down to Forte’s ice cream parlour in Limeslade, a 11.7 mile round trip which took me 44 minutes 19 seconds. That included navigating the TWO sets of traffic lights just past Verdi’s and on Big Apple hill!! My max speed was 21.5 mph and I averaged 14.9 mph.

As for the conditions well it was overcast/murky/foggy and as a result it felt rather chilly – despite there being very little wind. At least it meant that there weren’t many human obstacles about – well other than the ones whom are oblivious to the world around them due to having headphones in.

But hey, I’ll take about the health and safety issues of that another time LOL.