Lets try again

Bloody hell has it been that long? That was one of my reactions after going on my first training session since December 17th last year!! Yes that’s how long I decided to keep off the exercise due to the knee ligament problems I’ve been having.

So my first exercise stint of 2008 was a 17 minutes 27 seconds run, which amounted to no more than a couple of miles. Thus far I haven’t had a reaction apart from some slight stiffness in my right knee, but I’d expected that. The next few days will be the real indicator of how the injury has healed (hopefully).

DDWT Junior has his Easter concert today and from what I’ve seen (and heard!) on the video recording he was on top form – and top of his voice as well! I knew he liked music and often sings along be it in the house or car, but even I was taken aback by the gusto he put into the concert. It seems as thought “Hooray for Jesus” is his favourite!!