Stiff as a rake

You can tell I haven’t been running for ages, as I feel as stiff as a rake after the run yesterday. People usually say you feel it on the 2nd day after the exercise, seeing as I’m a day earlier, it says a lot doesn’t it!

With the Swans playing at Bristol Rovers tonight and me working on the PC, I decided to try following the game online for a change as opposed to tuning into the Swansea Sound match commentary. I opted for the Soccernet coverage in the end and I must say it was great with both text and graphical information about the game – even showing where the shots were taken from and by whom! Whilst obviosuly this wasn’t as good as the old radio, it made it more nailbiting 😉

Whilst on the subject of the Swans, I got my Gillingham ticket today as this is the next Dieters Bar Jacks away game on April 12th. If my maths and crystal ball serve me right, it *should* be the game that the Swans clinch promotion to the Coca Cola Championship.

We decided to see how tall DDWT Junior was today and he now stands at 108cm tall. Somehow I think he’s following in my footsteps and won’t be far off my 6ft 4″ height when he’s finished growing, unless he ends up being even taller of course!