Rome wasn't built in a day…

… and in a similar vein, I’m not going to lose weight overnight either! But at least today saw a step in the right direction with me going for a lunchtime run, or perhaps jog would be a more appropriate word for it.

I did a 16 minute 37 second stint along the beach at Swansea bay – one of the pleasures and advantages of working just a stone throw away. I didn’t particularly enjoy it, not because it was hard (it wasn’t) but because I knew I was starting out all over again. This was a journey I’d already undertaken back in January 2006 and I’m annoyed to say the least that I’ve left myself go (albeit to not quite such a lump).

No doubt being back in work after a week long holiday didn’t help my overall mood either but at least with it still being Easter half-term in these parts, lots of people are still off – which ultimately means some spare time to play catch-up on other bits of work.

DDWT Junior finally got his Apollo Moonman bike today after it finally arrived in stock at our local Halfords store.