Dentist x 2

I mean how weird is that, both Mrs DDWT and I go to the dentist on the same day but at different times!?!?

In fairness though whilst I was having a filling done, the Mrs had to have an emergency appointment as her filling had fallen out. Just to complicate matters further – as Mrs DDWT is now 31 weeks pregnant – she can’t have a “proper” filling only a temporary one, well until the baby is born anyhow.

It’s a bloody good job we’re with Denplan as well, otherwise it could have been a very expensive day all around!

As I was working from home today, I decided to give our York Elliptical workout machine a pounding for 25 minutes. During this session – in which I sweated the most I’ve done for many moons – I managed to cover 9km and burn 246 calories in the process! Whilst I felt a wee bit leg weary after it, I was glad I’d stuck to my guns and did some form of exercise.

DDWT Junior continues to make the most of the Easter holidays. He had his first proper go of his Apollo Moonman bike, which considering he’d been jumping/climbing/sliding about in Funsters most of the morning, he did quite well.

He also went to have his feet measured and like me, he also has one foot slightly bigger than the other. Anyway, he’s now a size 10.5G.