Beetle castle

As a member of Swansea Council’s Junior Park Rangers, DDWT Junior headed off to Coed Gwylim park in Clydach today for a fun session on building a beetle castle and general bug fun! He thoroughly enjoyed himself and so did all of the other kids – learning a lot about the world of insects at the same time.

The club is free to join and I’d recommend anyone with kids below the age of 7 to join (which you can do online). They have events dotted around the Swansea area, so there are bound to be some near you. Besides, it’s a great excuse to get the kids outside having fun and learning at the same time.

The gloriously sunny and warm weather (this is what spring should be like!) made my lunchtime run along the beach all the more pleasant. Obviously judging by the number of sunbathers about (kitted out in bikinis I hasten to add!) I wasn’t the only one enjoying the weather. Anyway, I did a 20 minute 16 second stint and am pleased thus far with my progress to get back to full fitness – whilst shedding the pounds!

After work I also decided to give the lawns their first proper crew cut of the season – partly because they needed it and because the weather for the weekend promises to be wintry! So much for spring eh *sigh*