Swansea v Bournemouth

Hmm, so much for our promotion party at the liberty stadium today. I was gutted and annoyed, but am now (after a few hours thought) somewhat strangely positive again.

Losing 2-1 to Bournemouth wasn’t in the script and losing in the matter we did – two goals in two injury time minutes wasn’t either. I was left speechless to be quite honest and wondering quite how we managed (with the help of an iffy corner decision) to feck it all up having controlled the game for so long.

From my perspective, we didn’t play up to our usual standards but still showed enough to beat an average Bournemouth side whom only started to play after we went 1 up (which beggars belief as they need every point they can get to stay up?!?).

It was all going to plan with Huddersfield doing the business on Doncaster, us leading one nil and the majority of the 15,000 odd crowd thinking Championship here we come. But come 16:50 it all started to go out the window – starting with the news of a Doncaster equaliser. It went downhill fast after that as you now well know.

What went wrong? Well regardless of the finger of blame being pointed at the linesman for the 1st goal (the rub of the green flows both ways) our defending has to be criticised – especially in my opinion Dorus DeVries on today’s evidence and from what I’ve seen of recent away games (on TV highlights). Yes he’s a decent keeper, but I do feel that he could have done better today.

Messrs Lawrence, Tate and Austin are usually made the scapegoats – rightly on occasion – but I do feel a blind eye is turned to Mr DeVries inadequacies as well.

Pick of the bunch today for me were Britton and Kevin Austen – regardless of the flak he got/gets.

One other moment worth a mention was a terrific half time display by the Royal Marine Commandos, whom abseiled from the roof and then gave an unarmed combat display on the field. Excellent entertainment and a nice change from the usual half time fare. Well done lads!

I’ll finish off with a picture of Cyril the Swan just before he abseiled off the liberty stadium roof before the game…

… by the end of the game, I think quite a few fans wanted to jump off the roof! Keep the faith Jack Army, we’re nearly in the promised land.