Spring snowfall

Like most of Wales, we awoke this morning to find a 1cm covering of snow outside – which was totally unexpected as the forecast had been for ‘light snow showers’.

Having been up since around 7am DDWT Junior and I got to see most of the snow and the snow showers, as by the time Mrs DDWT surfaced from bed (around 9am) most of it had started to melt away in the warm ‘ish spring sunshine. Come mid-morning and you’d never have said it had snowed at all!

With the afternoon sunshine, I decided to take the family down to Swansea’s new central library – which they hadn’t yet seen. Having been before I was in little doubt that they’d be impressed and I was proved correct as we spent the best part of an hour and a half in the children’s area alone!

It really is a super library and if you are ever in Swansea, then I’d recommend a visit. You can even grab a bite to eat or have a nice cuppa in the coffee shop adjacent to it in Swansea City Council’s civic centre.

I suppose it goes without saying that we couldn’t leave without DDWT Junior borrowing a couple of dinosaur books and Mrs DDWT picking up her usual batch of autobiography’s – Marie Helvin and Leslie Grantham in this case. Me well I went for my usual techy stuff, “Going to Bed With Google”!

No visit to Swansea is complete without a visit to the beach, so we took the short cut from County Hall straight onto the beach. At this point I thought it would be a good time to take a snap of the progress being made on Swansea’s highest (to be) building – Meridian Quay – since the last time I took a picture.

It’s grown quite considerably as you can see!

After last week’s weight horror show, I decided not to put added pressure on myself by weighing this week, especially as I have been exercising and watching what I’ve eaten. I couldn’t have handled the disappointment of not losing any weight this week.

Anyway, yesterday I did a 30 minute stint on the elliptical worker (10.8KM) and I did another 30 minutes today (11KM) and burnt 302 calories in the process. So I’m getting there, albeit slowly.