Return to school

Normal school service resumed today after the two week Easter break and in fairness DDWT Junior was in a relatively co-operative mood when it came to getting ready.

We anticipated a rougher ride as it was a very restless night all round – as always seems to be the case before going back to school. Still he went along happy enough and seemed to enjoy his first day back – telling everyone about Legoland and beetle castles no doubt!

The lack of a decent night’s sleep also affected my memory, as upon getting to work I remembered that the gang were going to the Oriental Garden – Chinese restaurant on Swansea Marina – for lunch. Trouble was I was already armed with my full-to-the-brim lunchbox and didn’t have any cash. Bah humbug.

So what did I do, go and ride my bike instead! It was cold to say the least and I was glad to get back to the office after the 9.73 mile ride – which took 39 minutes 45 seconds, 18.9 mph max
and 14.6 mph average speed).

That’ll teach me to forget about a work’s lunch 😉