Merit award

DDWT Junior was rather pleased with himself today (as were his Mam and Dad!) as he was awarded a ‘Merit Award in school for his “lovely descriptive work about his teddy bear” – the teddy bear aka Farmer Ted!

As a result he wanted his certificate to take pride of place in his bedroom – so that’s exactly were it’ll end up when I get the chance to knock a nail in the wall.

In fact he’s had a pretty eventful day all round really, as it was gym day in school and after dinner him and his mates headed off to Toots in Neath for some fun. Consequently he was out on his feet come supper time tonight! Still, he’s had a really fun day which is the most important thing.

Thankfully, I remembered to take some cash in work today – a good job really considering I was going for a haircut straight after work. Not sure really what the going rate for a haircut is these days, but I stump up £7.50 every 4 weeks for a “number 2 on the back and sides, with a dam good trim on top please”.

I had to make sure I was at my best for this party I’m going to tomorrow in Gillingham you see. It’s a football party, where hopefully the Swans will be celebrating promotion to the Championship come 5pm. Whatever happens, I’ll be sure to give you a rundown of the days events – with pictures and video of course.