Washing machine woe

It’s not been the best of days really. Our Zanussi FL1082 washing machine started leaking big style this morning and some baby items got damaged in the process.

Now you’re probably wondering what the connection is there, well I’ll tell you. Mrs DDWT – currently in the midst of baby ‘nesting’ mode – decided to ‘spring clean’ some baby items in the washing machine. However, whilst the wash was in progress the said baby items got jammed in the seal between the washing machine drum and door – cue a ‘burnt’ seal and damaged baby items. The end result was a leaky washing machine. Grrrrr.

With tempers flaring – “what the hell did you want to wash x in the washing machine for?” – I decided to take solace in the Yellow Pages and find a local Zanussi repair centre. Fortunately, there was one in Morriston – ‘H. Phillips’. A quick call and estimate later and our repair said he’d be with us shortly to collect the washing machine – which he duly did.

Some 3 hours or so later our washing machine returned and was thankfully now back in it’s original state – i.e not leaking! The service was excellent in fairness and I’ll be sure to use them again if the need ever arises (which I hope it doesn’t!).

Unfortunately, the whole episode meant that a leak had sprung in my wallet…. to the tune of £75.