Exclusive Discount Code

Now this is a first for me – my very own wonderfully exclusive and very special discount code, courtesy of PowerplayDirect.com (thanks Paul).

As you all know I’ve been dabbling about in the world of affiliate marketing for a good few months now, so today was indeed a breakthrough in terms taking the ‘Money Off Shop‘ another step forward – albeit a little one.

Anyway, the code will give you a 2% discount off any purchase from PowerplayDirect.com 🙂

Poor old DDWT Junior is under the weather again unfortunately. He just can’t seem to get out of the little rut he appears to be in at the moment. He’s got a temperature, is very tired and consequently is right off his food.

Perhaps it’s little wonder though really, as there is forever someone in his class off school with one illness or another. I do hope he gets back to his normal self before DDWT Junior no. 2 comes along though as it’s going to be mighty tough going with everything otherwise.

Here we are just a few days into June and I’ve now got my hands on my Swans season ticket book! The excitement is already starting to build and I’m eagerly anticipating the fixtures being released on June 16th.