Swans DVD review

Contrary to some of the b*ll*cks spouted on Planet Swans about the Swans League One Review DVD and its quality, I was impressed. It had all the Swans league goals, Roberto giving his review throughout the seasons and finished off with some interviews with the players.

I’d gone for the t’internet order option (£19.95 all in) – so got the Swans v Leeds DVD chucked in for free – rather than visit the club shop. Granted the Leeds dvd wasn’t the best, but the season review dvd was fine and showed that at least the club had listened to the fans in light of previous video/dvd productions.

Was it worth the money? Well for me yes it was and it will be a nice dvd to play when wanting to recollect a great Swans season. If you’re not a big Swans fan then I’d recommend you spend your money elsewhere.

After enjoying reliving the Swans championship winning season, I put up DDWT Junior’s new La Redoute ‘toy box’ furniture. Well he’s got to store his mammouth collection of dinosaurs somewhere!