Welcome to the world Baby DDWT

Our very special daughter and sister to DDWT Junior came into the world today at 18:17 and weighed in at a healthy 8lb 8oz.

I’ll now try and tell you all about the day – from what I can recollect.

03:10 – Mrs DDWT wakes up because baby is starting to rumble her tummy – consequently I start to mildly panic and insist we call the hospital.

03:50 – I go and get my Mam (in order to babysit DDWT Junior) and the first words I hear on the radio on the way are “Relax, take it easy” (from one of Mika’s songs). How apt! My Mam duly arrives and is as nervous/excited as we all are.

07:00 – Baby was now beginning to get a good contraction rhythym going and it was time to head off to Singleton hospital. Details of my nervous system and my urgent requirement for the toilet shall remain undisclosed – except to say that I made it in time…just.

07:30 – Ok, we’re on the labour ward. Mrs DDWT starts to crank up the TENS machine a notch or two.

09:00 – Baby decides to take her time and slow down the old pelvic thrusts. This meant Mrs DDWT was taken down to the maternity ward to wait and “see what happens”.

11:05 – Things start to gather pace again and we were on the move (literally) – this time to the delivery unit. Here we were greeted by Fran Hathaway and Eleri Beckett the midwives on duty at the time. Everyone thought it would all be done and dusted by clocking off time at 14:00. Little did we know at that stage eh!

14:30 – Baby was still inside Mrs DDWT’s tummy and had seen off two midwives when number 3 arrived, Linda Richards. Linda was going to be with us until 21:00 – if it took that long. Mrs DDWT was getting well into the gas and air.

17:15 – It was decision time as Mrs DDWT was now beginning to tire and was in a lot of pain – with no sign of baby either. A quick examination showed that baby had moved the wrong way and it was decided that the best course of action was an epidural – which neither us were very happy about. At this stage in proceedings Mrs DDWT gave me a slap for my efforts and tried to ‘trap’ the midwives arm whilst trying to break the waters! I can laugh about it now.

17:50 – The thought of the epidural was too much and the sight of the anaesthetist all tooled up and raring to go was enough for Mrs DDWT and baby to get their skates on and quickly. Thankfully Linda could see that the situation had dramatically changed and the threat of the injection went away as we were now well and truly into the final stages of labour.

18:17 – will now go down in history as the time that Baby DDWT came into this wonderful world.

So there you have it, my account of our little daughters journey into the world.