Broken chain

What an eventful day I’m having!  I was all geared up to leave the car behind at home today and cycle into work, partly to save money but also to help with my training – not to mention helping the environment of course.

However, no sooner had I gone a quarter of a mile from the house than my chain broke, leaving me to pedal idly along the road.  I grudgingly strolled back home to get changed again and drive into work.  Guess what I’m going to be doing this weekend!

Undeterred by my morning setback, I’ve since gone for a lunchtime run (18 minutes 55 seconds) in order to compensate for the lack of cycling exercise!  It’s the 2nd run I’ve been for this week so far and it’s nice to be slowly getting back into the groove.

What’s even more rewarding of course is actually fighting back the “don’t exercise, just sit at your desk and surf the internet” demons in my head and going out and doing something which (despite the effort/pain) I enjoy a heck of a lot.

On the family front it’s been a day for the diary as DDWT Junior actually eat something during school ‘snack time’ for the very first time since September 2007 – a plum and DDWT Baby is now up to 9lbs 2oz.

Now all that’s left for me to do today is go for a short, back and sides after work 🙂