Mrs DDWT and I actually sat down tonight to watch Sky Movies and the premiere of ‘300’. It was the first time we’d seen a movie in a few months – well even if it wasn’t that long it certainly felt like it!

As for the film, well it was certainly one for the boys (toy soldier stuff you see) as I’m sure the only plusses for the ladies would be the bare, taut and well defined/developed torsos of the Spartans.

Having now watched it, I can see why some people thought it was on the gory side.  For me the only thing that was misplaced were the sparse (yet unnecessary) sexual scenes, which felt out of context for the film as a whole.  After all it was a film about the battle between 300 Spartans (Greeks) and the Persians in 480 BC!

The acting and effects were first class and were combined magnificently to give the film a very Greek mythological feel, which obviously was the director’s intention.

I enjoyed it (unlike Mrs DDWT) and thought it was worth watching.  I’d recommend it to anyone who likes films such as ’55 Days at Peking’, ‘Braveheart’, ‘Troy’, ‘El Cid’, etc – if that’s not your bag, then I’d leave well alone to be honest.