School report

A state of shock came over me when returning home from work this evening when I was handed a report. Not just any report though, DDWT Junior’s first EVER school report!

Now that might not sound strange in any way to anyone else, but it did to me. I mean the little fella is only 4 years old and it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting from his nursery class. I suppose it just goes to show how much times and in this case school life has changed since I was a nipper.

The contents of the report was excellent and we were very pleased with what it had to say about DDWT Junior and his progress on a variety of skills and developments – social, mathematical, communication, literacy, creativity, physical, Welsh, etc.

Whilst we were happy parents, the little fella certainly wasn’t and commented that “I don’t like it” when praised on the contents of his report!