Shimano MP56 cycling shoes

Sport was definitely high on the agenda today with my Wiggle order arriving and a lunchtime run.

After my escapades last Friday with my bike chain, I finally got my hands on a new one – Shimano HG50 – and a chain rivet tool as well. So I hoping tomorrow to have a crack at putting it on my bike, the first time I’ve EVER put a new chain on. Oh boy.

The most interesting part of the Wiggle order however were the Shimano MP56 Cycling Shoes – which I’d deliberated on for ages and ages. I decided in the end to get a pair of MTB shoes now for commuting purposes (on my Specialized Hardrock MTB) and then at a later date get some road shoes for when I get around to riding my Focus Variado!

At first I thought the MP56’s were too big and chunky looking – “space boots” I think Mrs DDWT called them and I suppose they are to an extent. However when trying them on fully kitted out I could see that in fact they complemented the rest of my gear quite well and more importantly were a good fit with ample protection – especially on the inner ankle area (as you can see from the picture below).

Shimano MP56 Cycling Shoes

Now all I need is a repaired mountain bike to try them out on!

I found today’s lunchtime quite tough to be honest and struggled towards the end – which I put down to tiredness or rather a distinct lack of sleep over the last couple of days. Still I managed 28 minutes and 25 seconds covering a guestimated 4,700 metres. The distance might be a tadge generous perhaps – but Gmap pedometer doesn’t lie does it?