Another day another run

WOW, running two days on the trot – that’s almost unheard of for me and a throwback to many moons ago when it was the norm.

It was good to get back out running with coach again too as that is always a bonus and ultimately a huge incentive – especially as we’re both VERY competitive. We decided to take it easy and clocked up 19 minutes 37 seconds in the process.

Still it was a pleasant run and at a pace which got me at least out of the ‘comfort zone’ – if only due to the humidity! Oh how I wish we’d have a thunderstorm to clear the air.

There was no school for DDWT Junior today as his class (albeit very few of them) were off to Bristol Zoo for the day. Somewhat bizarrely they’re back in school tomorrow despite a national two day strike by Unison – which affects the non-teaching and catering aspect of schools in particular.