Water pistol fight

After our busy day yesterday we were determined to make the most of the rest of the weekend and in particular the dry weather that greeted us once again.

The sunshine and showers of the past few days had given our lawns a new lease of life and with the recycling collection due on Wednesday, it was an ideal time to give them a quick once over with the mower.

Water pistol from Toys R Us

With the jobs out of the way, it was then time for a water pistol fight with DDWT Junior and the new water pistols we’d bought in Toys ‘R’ Us yesterday. A word on which you should now that you can get a double pack for just £9.99 – a saving of £6. They were great fun and could spray water a good 10 feet plus – even without the pump action!

As you can imagine we both got absolutely drenched – but had so much fun it didn’t matter one bit. The fun continued into the afternoon with a visit to Coed Gwilym park for some football, frisbee throwing and of course the obligatory go on the swings.

I’m also chuffed to say that I rounded off the day with a run! So on top of all the walking of the past two days, I added a 34 minute and 6 second (approx 3.7 miles) run to the tally. Let’s hope I can keep this momentum going through the week and it’ll make next Sunday’s weigh in an interesting event I’m sure 🙂