Projected race time

With my Swansea Bay 5k entry now posted in readiness for August 5th, curiousity got the better of me today as I wondered what my projected finish time would be – in relation to my running times of late.

Step in the Runner’s World race time predictor a useful online tool for calculating just that – your race time!

Anyway, it gave me an ‘estimated’ time of 28 minutes 8 seconds for a 5k run. I was relatively pleased with the projected time, given that I’ve not really done at awful lot of running of late, apart from the last couple of weeks.

So with this in mind, I decided to push the boat out a wee bit further this lunchtime and change both the route I took and the distance I covered. The result was 3.4 miles covered in 31 minutes 5 seconds. Whilst I haven’t bothered checking (yet) if that is up/down on my projected time, I was more than happy to have at least covered a 5k distance. Something which as this stage is really what I’m concerned with, my times will come later.